Take This Away For Us

A sytem for disposing of things with your phone

One day a friend of mine who was moving said to me “I wish there was an app I could use to get rid of things by just taking a picture of it”.

This was before services like LetGo and Roadie existed but I thought of an idea similar to Get Magic where the customer could send a picture in via MMS and then an agent would converse with them about what they wanted done. I thought that maybe if you just wanted to donate it then the service would charge a delivery fee but if you wanted to sell it then we’d just take a commission.

I registered a clever domain name TakeThisAwayFor.US and set up a test page with a phone number on it. I set up that phone number so that any pictures sent to it would be forwarded to me and stored in S3.

The idea was to gauge interest in the service before spending much time or money on building it. Ultimately, however, other services popped up and the space became fairly crowded.