Ionic Security

Data Protection Startup

Ionic Security is a venture backed startup in Atlanta, GA. They’ve developed a unique data protection platform for large enterprises.

I was a very early employee.

It Started Small

When I joined the team at Ionic it was still called “Social Fortress”. It was a very small company with only a handful of developers and no sales team. The founder, Adam Ghetti, had a brilliant idea and the determination to make it a reality.

At that time, I was building early prototypes of the components in the Ionic system that would handle key management, policy enforcement, command and control and other functions.


We quickly expanded as we raised money and developed our product. We started creating a service oriented platform to allow developers on multiple teams to work with different technologies and in parallel to get things completed faster.

I started construction of the infrastructure necessary to package and orchestrate all these services together in a highly available and flexible environment. I did research on new and emerging technology like Consul from Hashicorp, Docker Swarm and ultimately Kubernetes.