Google Glass

An idea too good for the world

When Glass came out, I was invited into the early developer program because of a tweet about an idea I had for an application.

Shopping Chat

What I wanted to construct was a live video chat application for people that are doing shopping on behalf of someone else.

I had already built something that used the FourSquare API so that my wife could add things to my shopping list via SMS and then when I checked in at any venue that was a “Grocery” store I would get an SMS with the items she wanted.

I wanted the Glass app to take that a step further in that if I had any questions about the items, I could live stream my Glass camera to her so she could tell me exactly which flavor of coffee creamer to purchase without having to describe them all to her while holding my phone to my ear.

Ultimately, the FourSquare API changed a lot and what I was doing with it became impossible.

Glass Transit

My next idea was to build an application that would use the real time API for the local transit system (Atlanta’s MARTA) so that as I walked into the train station I could get an alert that indicated how soon my train would be departing.

It turned out that GPS wasn’t available on the Glass itself so I created a geo fence app for the phone and then tried to get the app on the glass and the app on the phone to communicate but the MARTA API was highly unreliable and then… I started driving to work instead of taking the train so I never finished the project! Oh and then Glass went away.