About Andy Watson

About Andy Watson

Take This Away For Us

One day a friend of mine who was moving said to me “I wish there was an app I could use to get rid of things by just taking a picture of it”. This was before services like LetGo and Roadie existed but I thought of an idea similar to Get Magic where the customer could send a picture in via MMS and then an agent would converse with them about what they wanted done.


In 2010 I started a company called Other Number which developed a virtual PBX that used Twilio for controlling phone calls and allowed people to set up call flows with menus, timers, voicemail boxes and many other features.

Ionic Security

Ionic Security is a venture backed startup in Atlanta, GA. They’ve developed a unique data protection platform for large enterprises.

I was a very early employee.

Google Glass

When Glass came out, I was invited into the early developer program because of a tweet about an idea I had for an application.

Disney World Dot Com

I worked on the team that built the e-commerce functions for www.disneyworld.com back in 2012 when the site was completely rebuilt.